Parochial Church Council

The current PCC was elected on 10th March 2019. Members are:

  1. Rev Dr Stephen Sichel (Vicar, ex officio, chair)
  2. Rev Alice Hole (Associate Priest, ex officio)
  3. John Atterbury-Davis (Churchwarden, ex officio)
  4. Sarah Fielding (Churchwarden, ex officio)
  5. Sandra Layne
  6. Richard Salisbury Jones (Treasurer)
  7. Pat Dyer (Deanery Synod, ex officio)
  8. Dr Sarah Corlett (Deanery Synod, ex officio)
  9. Janice Dailey (Electoral Roll Officer)
  10. Raymond Morgan
  11. Julia Murray
  12. Rachel Qureshi

Safeguarding officers are not members of the PCC, but are named here.