Returning to Church

Greetings to all at St Matthew’s

As many of us look forward to being able to return to church in person, here is an update on how we shall continue to do what we can to keep everyone as safe as possible from Covid-19.

  1. To assist contact tracing there is a QR code posted at the entrance of church. We encourage everyone to download the NHS App and scan the code when they arrive. This is easier and more confidential for you than the alternative which is;
  2. The churchwardens take a note of who comes to each service. If you have not been before we take a contact number for contact tracing
  3. Please use the hand sanitiser at the church entrance – try to apply in the same way you would wash your hands; spend at least 20 secs spreading the sanitiser all over your hands. Check this If you need to use the toilet please wash your hands thoroughly in the same way
  4. Please wear a face covering throughout the service
  5. Apart from your family group please observe the notices on the chairs and try to sit 2 metres away from others
  6. Unfortunately we are still not permitted to sing but we remain hopeful! Feel free to hum, clap and dance
  7. At the peace we stay in our places and wave or put our hands together to greet one another with a sign of peace
  8. We only take the bread at communion and we come up to the front one at a time trying to keep 2m apart.
  9. All priests presiding at communion hand sanitise before giving out the bread
  10. Before and after the service please do not mingle and chat inside church. Please move outside and talk in the open air

Thank you!