Returning to Church

Greetings to all at St Matthew’s

It is a great joy to see so many of us returning to church in person. Unfortunately, we still need to take care so here is an update on what we are doing to keep everyone as safe as possible from Covid-19.

  1. If you don’t feel well, please do not come to church – join us on zoom! Ask for details
  2. Think about taking a lateral flow Covid test before you come to church – test packs available free from pharmacies
  3. We encourage all to use the NHS app & scan the QR code at the church entrance
  4. The churchwardens take a note of who comes to services. This is solely to contact you directly if we learn someone at a service you attended has caught Covid.
  5. Please use the hand sanitiser – try to apply as you would wash your hands; spend at least 20 secs spreading the sanitiser all over your hands. Check If you need to use the toilet please wash your hands thoroughly in the same way
  6. Please wear a face covering over your nose and mouth throughout the service – spares available at the church entrance – please ask for one
  7. You may sit wherever you wish and are welcome to go upstairs if you want more space
  8. We enjoy singing once more alongside the choir
  9. At the peace we stay in our places and wave or put our hands together to greet one another with a sign of peace
  10. At communion we continue to come up to the front one at a time. We are taking bread and wine by intinction. This means the priest dips the wafer into the cup before giving it to you, so we are not sharing the cup directly.
  11. All priests presiding at communion hand sanitise before giving communion
  12. As far as possible, before and after the service please try to mingle and chat outside
  13. Don’t forget to get your booster jab!

Thank you!