Public Worship at St Matthew’s

Sisters and Brothers, I am pleased to say that said Sunday services of Holy Communion (bread only) will start at St Matthews at 8 and 10 am from this Sunday 5th July. We will be socially distanced and our chapel will not be in use. Hand sanitizer will be used and face masks are advised. Sadly there will be no singing, sharing of the peace, or offertory procession, and no collection will be taken. Toilets are to be used in emergency only please and you should consider this before arrival. Please take the service sheet you will get away with you and bring it back next time. Long awaited conversations should be socially distanced and are best conducted outside. The 8 am will be more sparsely attended and therefore might be more attractive to the safety conscious. Those particularly concerned might prefer to sit upstairs. No one must receive communion and can receive a blessing if preferred. These conditions are far from ideal yet God is present once more with his gathered people. Praise Be!


St Matthew’s Church Brixton is an inclusive church. We welcome all people regardless of age, relationship status, race, disability or sexual orientation, and regardless of how much or how little faith people have when they join us. We rejoice in our diversity. We are all One in Christ – Galatians 3:27b. Our attitude flows from our encounter with God in Christ in whom our longings for freedom and happiness find their fulfilment.

St Matthew’s Church has adopted the House of Bishops Promoting a Safer Church policy. For more information and support with safeguarding please see information in the ‘About us’ section.